Photography Portfolio

Photography Portfolio

Cuddy's Crags view of Hadrian's Wall at Dawn

For those who are interested, I’ve just rebuilt my photography portfolio, which incorporates a bit of video and screen printing too.

The link at the top now takes you to an exciting new page, which has a much neater design asthetic. Yes, I’m using one of those new(ish) domains. And it should be full responsive too.

For those who are interested, I built this using the Adobe Porfolio tool which is part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud. The nice part is that I can decide which albums I want publishing within Lightroom, and then sync those across to the portfolio seamlessly.

I need to tidy up a few captions, but otherwise it seems good so far.

I do feel that this blog needs a bit of an overhaul too. But that’s for anther day…






2 responses to “Photography Portfolio”

  1. Kevin Spencer avatar

    What a great idea. The use of a .photography domain is inspired.

  2. adambowie avatar

    Ha! Not really my idea. I watched a YouTube video and Terry White in the video used that domain. My name was available and the cost is less than $10 a year.