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  • Teston: Mist and Flooding

    Teston: Mist and Flooding

    Various parts of southern England have experienced significant rainfall over the last few days, and along the Medway, the river had burst its banks in a few places (although without serious impact from what I could see). The video above was taken in the morning as the mist still rose from the river giving a…

  • The Great Conjunction

    The Great Conjunction

    The above was what I managed to get earlier this evening with my DSLR, a 70-200mm lens, with a 2x teleconverter. Annoyingly, there’s also a lens converter in the mix, so this is a sub-optimal set-up with respect to the glass I’m using. I’m also at the edge of London, so not exactly in a…

  • Comet NEOWISE: Part 3

    Comet NEOWISE: Part 3

    After a week of mostly cloudy weather, Friday night looked like it might be slightly clear. But I also wanted to find somewhere new to take pictures. As it happens, I ended up where I was previously. I cycled over to a high point on a road near a local country park. But I was…

  • Comet NEOWISE: Part 2

    Comet NEOWISE: Part 2

    Following my previous attempts at photographing Comet NEOWISE, I went out again late on Sunday evening. With Nautical Twilight ending at just after 11:00pm, I headed off just before then to see if the visibility would be decent for another stab at photographing NEOWISE. I was keen to get out on Sunday because the weather…

  • Hunting Comet NEOWISE

    Hunting Comet NEOWISE

    There’s a new comet in the skies, and it’s perhaps the most visible comet we’ve had for 25 years. Comet NEOWISE (or more formally, C/2020 F3) is so named because it was discovered by the NEOWISE space telescope back in March. It’s now visible in our skies and is actually pretty bright if you go…

  • View to the City

    View to the City

  • Spring Sunday

    Spring Sunday

    On Sunday I went for a walk locally, taking in the farms and fields that are around the green belt near where I live. Today, and the rest of the week are set to be wet and gloomy. So here are some sunny pictures from the weekend! A few more pictures are over on Flickr.

  • BFI Archives Tour

    BFI Archives Tour

    Note: If any of the images are blurry click through to Flickr. There’s also a much bigger set of photos over there! One of the benefits of being a member of the BFI is that occasionally they do things like have tours. I put my name in the hat for a tour of the BFI’s…

  • Red Moon

    Red Moon

    I’m currently watching For All Mankind on Apple TV+. The series is one of a handful that Apple has made free for a “limited time.” Coming from Ron (Battlestar Galactica) Moore, it was for me the most intriguing of Apple’s launch series, and I’m a little under halfway through it and really enjoying it. The…

  • Wester Ross

    Wester Ross

    In what now seems like an age ago, although it was actually just a couple of weeks ago, I spent the week in Wester Ross, a part of the Scottish Highlands that I hadn’t really visited before. It’s that part of the western Highlands that includes Torridon, Gairloch and Ullapool. I was based in a…

  • Winter Sun

    Winter Sun

    A few more from this series on Flickr.

  • Experiments with Acrylic Ink and Water

    Experiments with Acrylic Ink and Water

    The other day I was drinking a cup of tea in one of those cafés where they provide the hot water, tea bag and milk separately. I let the tea brew before stirring the milk in and was entranced by the smokey effect of the milk being stirred into the water. Then I went to…